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Property and Evidence Room

The Property and Evidence Room is managed by Clarkston Police support staff. Property held by the police falls into one of the following categories:

  • Evidence for criminal cases
  • Property held for safekeeping
  • Found/abandoned property
  • Property held in forfeiture

An evidence technician is responsible for retrieving, securing and storing property, as well as ensuring proper chain of command for property needed as evidence in court proceedings.

Claiming Your Impounded Property

Property is released only to the legal owner or his/her designate. If the property is being held as evidence in a criminal case, it cannot be released without a release order submitted by either the City’s Prosecuting Attorney or Asotin County Prosecuting Attorney, whoever is handling the case.

Found Property

All Found Property is placed into the Property and Evidence Room. If the item is of significant value, an ad is placed in the Lewiston Morning Tribune. After 60 days, any unclaimed property is destroyed or auctioned pursuant to RCW Chapter 63.

If you found and turned in the property in question and would like to claim that property, let the officer know when it is being turned in. In order to claim it, you must contact the evidence technician at (509) 758-1680

Lost Property

If you have lost an item within the city limits of Clarkston, you may report the lost item by calling the Dispatch Center at (509) 758-2331 or by coming into the office. After normal business hours, there is a phone call box in the lobby of the Asotin County Jail that rings into the Dispatch Center for referral to an officer.