Volunteer Firefighters / EMTs

The Clarkston Fire Department is a combination department, utilizing both full-time firefighters and volunteer firefighters.  Volunteer Firefighters receive fire suppression and Emergency Vehicle Accident Prevention (EVAP) training before they are allowed to respond to fire emergencies.  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training is provided after basic fire training is completed.

Volunteer firefighters are important to answering Clarkston’s emergency service needs.  Working as a team, full-time and volunteer firefighters work together to control and suppress structure, vehicle and wildland fires.  Volunteer EMT/firefighters are integrated into EMS response preparedness plans and responses.

There is an expectation that Volunteer EMT/firefighters participate in at least 75% of the regular weekly drill night training sessions to maintain the skills necessary for responding to fires and EMS calls and that they respond to at least 30% of the Department’s fire responses.

How to become a volunteer

To become a volunteer with the CFD, please request a city employment application form at the Clarkston Fire Department.  Return the completed application to the station at 820 5th Street, Clarkston. The application will stay on file until the next Volunteer testing, at which time a letter containing test date information will be sent to you. You must update your address if you move.  You may also watch for notification in the help wanted ads of the local newspaper or on this website.

Applicants must complete a physical agility test.  Those who pass the physical agility testing will be given an interview and be required to submit to a medical examination (at the expense of the department).  Upon completion of these requirements, the Fire Chief will make the final selections from the eligible candidates.

Volunteers are cross-trained as firefighters and EMTs.  You do not need to be EMT certified before the test. If you are hired as a volunteer and complete the fire training, we will assist you in getting into an EMT class. Attendance at drill night once a week is required. Drills are held every Tuesday evening from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the fire station.

We expect our Volunteer staff to respond to 30% of fire calls in Clarkston and to participate in 75% of our drill night training sessions. All necessary equipment is provided.  Our volunteers are paid a stipend for responding to emergencies/training.

To apply as a Volunteer