Clarkston’s parks provide residents with a place to relax, enjoy nature, play sports and connect with others. They are the perfect place to take a break from our busy, everyday lives and reflect. We have several beautiful parks that offer something for everyone who wants to get outside. For walkers, runners and bikers, Clarkston is also home to a greenbelt area along the Snake River. The greenbelt, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, features several miles of paved pathways, grassy areas, lots of beautiful shade trees and easy access to many of the area parks.

Larger gatherings, such as weddings, a company picnic or other community event, require a Special Event Permit. This requires completion of an application form, proof of insurance and approval from the city. Be sure to leave plenty of time before your event to obtain approval.

Dogs are not allowed in Clarkston’s parks, and all parks close at 10:00 p.m.

The following is a listing of our area parks.

Beachview Park

Located at 1015 2nd Street

Beachview, Clarkston’s largest park, is the perfect place for family picnics, company gatherings or just a peaceful afternoon getaway. The park includes three covered picnic areas (one with multiple barbecues), two playground areas, a skate park, basketball court and lots of open space for recreation. The east edge of the park offers scenic views of the Snake River and surrounding hills. A permanent monument to Chief Tamootsit/Chief Timothy, Nez Perce Chief of the Alpowa band, stands watch over the park. Beachview is also the site for the annual National Night Out from Crime celebration the first Tuesday in August.

Vernon Park

Located at 6th & Chestnut Streets

Vernon Park is a green oasis located on the south end of the downtown corridor directly across from Clarkston High School. It features a lighted, paved path that runs diagonally through the park with benches and picnic tables throughout. During the Christmas season, Vernon Park is host to our festive lighted display from the first Saturday in December through New Year’s Day.

Foster Park

Located at 10th & Diagonal Streets

Foster Park is a small community park located in the middle of a residential neighborhood featuring a playground facility for children and restroom facilities.

Arnold Park

Located at Maple & Burns Streets

Arnold Park is the most open of the City’s parks since most of the trees are on the perimeter, making it ideal for recreational sports. The park boasts a softball field, tennis courts, a basketball court and playground area. Restrooms are available.

Gateway Park

Located at Riverview & Bridge Streets

Gateway is a small park overlooking the Snake River at the east end of town. Gateway Park is owned and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. The park features an access path to the greenbelt for walking and biking.

Granite Lake Park

Located at 850 Port Way

Granite Lake Park is a 6-acre park located in the Clarkston Port District and maintained by the Port. The landscaping features plants that were native to the area 200 years ago when the Lewis & Clark Expedition traveled through on the way to the Pacific Ocean. The park has scenic views of the Snake River and hills that surround our valley, and there is convenient access to the greenbelt walking path. Picnic facilities and restrooms are also available.

Swallows Park

Located 1 mile south of Clarkston on Highway 129

This 64-acre park, located on the Snake River, is owned and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. The day-use park has a four-lane boat launch ramp, covered shelters with electricity and water, picnic tables, barbecues and playground areas.