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Chief of Police

Joel Hastings is Clarkston's Chief of Police. The Chief of Police manages the police department, inlcuding records, evidence, and the animal shelter.


The Investigation Department is responsible for the investigation of major crimes such as murder, robbery, aggravated assault, rape, child abuse, fatal traffic accidents, computer and high-tech crimes, others. Investigators are responsible for case preparation and review of Patrol Division cases before their submittal to the prosecuting attorney.


Patrol officers are assigned to prevent and investigate crime, enforce laws, protect lives and property, apprehend criminals, preserve the peace, prevent and investigate accidents, and other on-call services for the City. When possible, Patrol Officers provide an overt presence in all geographical areas to ensure response to emergency calls for assistance in a timely manner consistent with effective protection of life and property. The officers also responsible for identifying and arresting suspects, recovery and return of stolen property, and assistance in the prosecution of criminals.

Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Department focuses on providing education and training to the citizens of Clarkston to increase awareness and achieve overall crime reduction. Programs utilized and encouraged by the department include: Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out, Burglary Prevention, Fraud Prevention, and Bank Robbery Prevention. The department is also available for safety presentations and provides training in the areas of identity theft, personal safety, and overall crime prevention.

Administrative Services

The Clarkston Police Department Administrative staff is responsible for a number of duties that assist the community and maintain the organization of the department. The staff is responsible for: retention and processing of records, collection and preservation of evidence, customer service both in person and via telephone, management of department inventory and supplies, compilation of collision and traffic data, budget and crime mapping, victim services, parking violations, animal control, and abandoned vehicles.

Domestic Violence Victim Witness Coordinator

The Domestic Violence Victim Witness Coordinator assists victims during the process of a domestic violence case through the Clarkston Municipal Court. The coordinator may contact victims by letter or telephone to gather additional information or to explain the victim’s options. The coordinator will also explain the court process, often appearing with the victim at proceedings.

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer program, implemented in 1999, places an officer inside the school district on a full-time basis. The philosophy of the SRO program is to fulfill three different roles when appropriate: teacher, counselor, and law enforcement officer. The SRO is not a district disciplinarian, but rather “police on campus,” to promote a positive image through interaction with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. The SRO’s office is at Clarkston High School, providing a high-profile presence and making him easily recognizable and approachable by students. The SRO also attends athletic events and other functions and serves as a guest speaker on issues such as drug abuse, laws, and other related topics.